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Where Are My Blue Mountain RAM Inventory Parts Being Used?

If you use Blue Mountain Regulatory Asset Manager’s (Blue Mountain RAM’s) Inventory Parts records for your consumable spare parts, you might have wondered:

  • Which work is consuming my supply of a certain Inventory Part?
  • Which events plan ongoing use of the Inventory Part?
  • Which assets include the Inventory Part in their Bill Of Materials (BOM)? NOTE: Find “Bill Of Materials” in each asset’s “View” menu.

Blue Mountain RAM provides an Inventory Parts “Where Used” feature that answers all of these questions.

How To Find An Inventory Part’s “Where Used” Window

  1. Open Blue Mountain RAM’s “Go To” menu and select “Queries”
  2. Display an Inventory Parts query that contains the part in which you are interested
  3. Either: Right-click the part’s row and select “Where Used” from the Context Menu – OR – Highlight the part’s row, click the Context Menu button, & click “Where Used”

How To Use The “Where Used” Window

Once the “Where Used” window is open, you can:

  • Click the “View Part” button to open the listed Part record
  • Open the “Part Number” picklist and select a different part to study
  • Leave Start Date and End Date empty to find all references to the part
  • Specify a Start Date, End Date, or both, to specify a date range for references to the part
  • Click the QuickFind button to specify a criterion for references to the part
  • Click a Column Header to sort the listed items by that column
  • Double-click a row to open the listed record

Understanding The Three Tabs of the “Where Used” Window

Any Start Dates and End Dates specified are applied to all three tabs. You are free to edit or clear the dates you specify as you search the different information on each tab. The three tabs include:

  1. Actual Parts Where Used – lists work records with actual consumption of the part
  2. Planned Parts Where Used – lists event records that plan consumption of the part
  3. Bill of Materials Where Used – lists asset records that list the part in their BOM

When you have questions, consult the Blue Mountain RAM User and Administrator Manuals. As needed, contact our friendly Support Technicians at with questions. Also, please enjoy calling and speaking with your Regional Sales Manager (RSM) at 800-982-2388 if you are interested in Blue Mountain RAM ideas, training, or services.

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